Rosie Michelle is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in the Twin Cities. She is a designer and illustrator taking on large and small illustration based projects and landscape works. She began her studies in sculptural work exploring the connection between conceptually and historically potent materials and her personal experience with religious constructs, power dynamics, femininity, pain, process and ritual. She is currently discovering the correlation between her body-centric sculptural work with inclusion of materials such as calf skin and milk with her illustrative studies of realism on paper.

Rosie received her Bachelors of Arts from Bethel University in 2010. She has held various positions in arts administration such as Exhibitions Director of Solo Exhibitions for Altered Aesthetics, studio assistant to various local artists, and is currently a freelance illustrator and social media specialist. Her work has been on display in exhibitions throughout the Twin Cities as well as being featured in several arts based publications over the years. Custom requests in landscape, floral or illustrative designs are considered and appreciated. 


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